Welcome to CreativesOnTap

Display ad development... for years it’s been the bane of the online advertising world – slow, inefficient, and taxing to workflows, productivity and ultimately the revenue stream. Now more than ever, overcoming the production nightmare is essential for online publishers and advertising agencies looking to increase advertiser loyalty while keeping a tight reign on creative development budgets. Multiple template styles, hundreds of creative assets, numerous individual users and work groups, ad optimization, file formats, file sizes, new technologies….. the list of addressable items goes on and on.

Enter a solution that addresses all of those needs while most importantly allowing publishers and agencies to efficiently scale creative development to meet the ebb and flow of demand…
CreativesOnTap™ saves the day!

• Multi-user environments with shared and private asset libraries
• Enables non-creatives to develop creatives in a matter of clicks
• Address naming conventions for easy search, retrieve, sharing and archiving
• Automatic file optimization and output in multiple formats
• Customization and white labeling to your brand specifications